Asian Dreamers

Title 1: constitution, objective and means of action

Article 1: It is formed between the individuals who adhere to the present statutes, an Association by the Act of July 1, 1901 who takes the title of Asian Dreamers Association. The association has its headquarters at 31 avenue Georges Pompidou 69003 Lyon. This seat can be retained or transferred
to any other address in the interest of the Association, on decision of its Board of Directors.

The Association is made only to individuals and not to corporations.

Article 2: The duration of the association is unlimited


Title 2: Object of the association

Article 3: The association aims to promote Asian music in France through various events, including an annual festival.

Article 4: The Association prohibits any political, religious or union. Members shall refrain in the same way, within the Association, to report any political affiliation, or religious association. Members will prohibit active marketing within the association. In this spirit, members agree not to
refer to their membership in the Association as part of a commercial approach.


Title 3: Composition and admission

Article 5: The association is composed of active members.

Article 6: Active members are:

  • be accepted by the Board of Directors
  • adhere to the present statutes
  • agree to settle, upon admission, the membership fee
  • be 18 years old or failing to provide written permission from their legal representative.

Article 7: Membership of the Association is lost:

  • resignation
  • default of payment of dues
  • radiation pronounced by the Board of Directors for a member who has forfeited his honor, was sentenced to a degrading punishment or have committed acts contrary to the Articles of Association
  • by deaths


Title 4: Resources

Article 8: the association’s resources include:

  • membership fees in the amount set annually by the General Assembly (Amount 2015: € 15 – Concessions student, unemployed, retired: 10 €).
  • The return of contributions is done case by case each year. A member has two weeks from the end date of its accession to renew (payment default will result
  • in the cancellation of the Participant)
  • grants as may be granted under the legislation.
  • income from funds invested and miscellaneous revenue.


Title 5: Board of Directors

Article 9: The association is managed by a Bureau of 5 and a board of 8 people. The members of the Board are elected for 2 years by secret ballot and by a majority of present or represented at the General Assembly members. They are renewed by half every year and may be reelected.

Article 10: Candidates for the Board should reach the Chairman in writing within 15 days before the voting, and the list is sent to each active member at least 7 days before the General Assembly. In case of holidays during the year, the Board of Directors may be filled temporarily by appointment,
to replace a member until the next General Assembly.

Article 11: The Board of Directors meets at least 2 times a year, convened by its President and, in his absence, any person authorized by him or at the request of half the members of the Board.

Article 12: Any member of the Board who did not participate, without cause, to 3 consecutive sessions, is considered resigned. Shall be notified to him in writing by the President or a member of the Board appointed by him.

Article 13: For decisions to be valid, it is necessary that at least half of the members of the Board are present or represented by an elected member. Decisions are taken by a simple majority of votes, the President having the casting vote in case of division; the secret ballot rule if at least one member
so requests. The deliberations of the Board are recorded in a Minutes established in the special register and signed by the President and the Secretary General.

Article 14: The President represents the Association in all circumstances. It is part of law working groups or commissions that may originate in any capacity whatsoever, of the Association. If unable to attend, he may delegate any of its powers to an officer.

Article 15: The Board of Directors elects within it annually a President. It proposes to the Board a
compound Office:

  • a president
  • a vice-president
  • a general secretary
  • a treasurer
  • a legal adviser

It can be surrounded by loaded missions consistent with the objectives of the association.

Title 6: General Assembly

Article 16: The association meets once a year in the General Assembly, instead set by the Office in the summons, which must be sent at least three weeks in advance to each member. The agenda is set by the Bureau. All members may, within 15 days preceding the Assembly, give in writing to it, the
inclusion of an item on the agenda of the Assembly.

Article 17: The Board of Directors may, if it deems it necessary, convene Extraordinary General Meeting and has the obligation if a quarter of the members specifically requested.

Article 18: No quorum is required for the holding of the Association, decisions are taken by a simple majority.

Article 19: All amendments to the Statutes or any proposal for dissolution of the Association can be taken in Extraordinary General Meeting. Final adoption of these decisions requires the votes of half of the members (present or represented) and the decision speaks only a 2/3 majority of the members present or represented.

Title 7: Rules

Article 20: Matters not covered by these statutes are subject to internal regulations.

Title 8: Formalities

Article 21: Dissolution and Liquidation

The remaining net assets may be allocated by the General Meeting deciding on the dissolution, one or more associations, and in accordance with the law.

The General Assembly shall appoint one or more liquidators who will have the powers to do the liquidation. In any case, the liquidation surplus may not be shared among members.

Article 22: Liability of members and administrators
The heritage of the Association meets the commitments made in its name, without any active members or members of the Board may be personally responsible for these commitments.

Article 23: Declaration and publication
The declaration and publication formalities prescribed by law, must be completed by the President or any other person duly authorized for this purpose.

Article 24: Dispute
The competent court for any disputes concerning the association shall be the address of its headquarters.



March 2016