Show Me The Money 5 : between competition and bromance

Show Me The Money 5

show me the money

Several weeks have passed since the launch of the 5th season of the now famous Hip Hop survival show : Show Me The Money. Although the format of the show remains similar to previous editions, production decided, to spice up the step of forming teams, to incorporate an element for the least surprising: the game. A concept very “Tinder” materialized by a door (not a screen). The candidate must take at the door of producers with whom to make the adventure, the producers will do the same on their side. When the door opens, if the candidate is facing producers is the game! Thus allowing them to continue together.

Show Me The Money is (and always was) a man’s world where women are rarely able to overcome the first stage of the hearings. The Bromance is in the spotlight, while specifically in this season 5! After a few photos “bromancieuses” posted on social networks of producers (Simon Dominic, Kush, Gray …), the netiziens soon spotted the “couple” flagship program: C Jamm and BeWhy. C Jamm, former candidates Season 3 SMTM has emerged as one of the favorites. Regarding BeWhy, also known as the “Monster Rapper”, it is the ideal rival: a solid reputation in the underground scene allows him to have a loyal following. But Bromance is mainly based on their history of friendship. Indeed the two rappers of the same age were in school together, grew up together, were rapping together.

Their relationship was put to the test whenTeam Battle (Episode 7) during which C Jamm proclaims himself the mentor of its competitor:

« My existence is the reason of your existence

Also BeWhy, the name I give you, Sonshow me

BeWhy replies by a direct attack to the music of his opponent:

« Your mixtape is out. But remember? I am writing 90%. 

[…] How a rapper can not write his own album? »

Despite the competitive atmosphere and pressure, the two young men do not hide their complicity in the display. More recently, C Jamm posted a photo on Instagram where fans can discover and BeWhy and Cjamm or rather BeJamm and C Why.




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Sources : Mnet

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