Mint Comeback in Solo

Mint, a member of the Tiny-G and from Thailand, will make her solo debut in this month!
Since the band split, we had very little new from the group.

representative of her new label JSL Company stepped up to reveal, “Former Tiny-G member Mint will comeback as a solo artist in mid-April with a 180-degree transformation.”



Tiny-G was a Thai-Korean trio based in South Korea, formed in 2012 by GNG production. The group consists of J.Min,Dohee and Mint. Their name “Tiny-G” stands for “Tiny Giant” because “even though they’re small, with an average height of 153cm, they are strong and fierce like giants”.



She was spotted at the Snowy Korea Festival 2009 in Thailand, organized by JYPagencies, GNG, Cube and Starship Entertainment as a way for Thais to audition to join the world of K-pop in Korea. She made note of his talents for B-girl (Break dance). She was a backup dancer at the age of 11 years.




Copyrights : JSL Company, LOEN Entertainment

Sources : JSL Company, LOEN Entertainment

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