Live Report Violet Tree – Japan Touch @Lyon

Guitar and bass tunes, a violin sound, a catchy rhythm and singular charming voices: here’s what define Violet Tree.



Formed in South Korea in 2013 by Seowoo (bass) and Jiwon (guitar), the band debuted using (mainly) electronic effects with their DJ until Hyuna (percussion) and Hyunjin (violin) joined them.

As the years went by, their style was getting up more and more precise as they became more and more talented and in 2018 the group launched into a new World Tour!

By chance, the city of Lyon welcomed them for their first time in France at the occasion of the Japan Touch.

An incredible Show!

Since the Japan Touch brings together people who love Asian cultures, the group was dreadfully awaited in Lyon. While they were preparing to go on stage, a crowd was already sat, ready to enjoy the show. ‘No more time left to think, we have to go’

The four members took place and embarked on a concert of madness!


The tunes of guitar, bass and violin blend all together, cadenced by percussions full of energy! Jiwon’s voice was full of sweetness with a particular small grain that could melt the most delicate ears – well, mine loved it and I fell in love with his voice (once again!); but, you know as time goes by that I have an obsession with people’s voices.

Seowoo, the bassist, did mostly the backups but when he sang, his voice was incredibly sweet (I was actually really surprised by so much sweetness and delicacy). For those who are really sensitive and attentive to music (I’m sure I’m not the only one who let myself moved and dived into me touch and dive into the heart/the depths of music and feelings!), his voice truly makes us feel intense emotions. [Bingo! another voice which makes my little heart goes boom-boom!] What to say about Hyunjin’s voice? It’s just as incredible! Although I admit I was first attracted by her talent for violin (This time, I speak as the violinist I am, don’t judge, I’m in love!) As for Hyuna … Well, I’ve rarely seen so much energy when it comes to drums. And I love to see her smile! She is … Wow!

Hm… I think I have to put myself together, this live report only shows how much admiration I have.

The fact remains that this admiration was shared by an entire audience who sang, clapped their hands and listened to every instruction saying they had to move or make particular signs with their hands (such as L.O.V.E).

Driven by the group, the atmosphere was electric and overheated! It was a concert as we appreciate them!


The group played songs one after the other and then, played the long-awaited (no need to hide it, I heard so many people saying they wanted to see and hear this song) cover of Fake Love!


The band was so energetic, I’m not even talking about the public! Everyone was singing and clapping their hands. The excitement filled the stage and the audience. Seowoo was constantly moving and singing. Jiwon seemed tireless, Hyuna was on the move and Hyunjin was playing the violin notes with so much energy as if the show had just begun! You could tell the group was touched to see the audience sing with them.

After this song, the band went on with a last song entitled “You were my sun (LOVE version)”. On this last song, energy was still filling the atmosphere although it was quite different from Fake Love performance: the public was still reactive!

Unfortunately, all good things must come with an end, so does the concert.

Here is the setlist for those who are nostalgic

  • Phantom
  • Mirotic (TVXQ cover)
  • Be mine (Infinite cover)
  • Run (Bts cover)
  • Blood sweat & tear (BTS cover)
  • Red moon
  • Shape of you
  • Gangnam style (PSY cover)
  • After
  • Fake love (BTS cover)
  • You were my sun (LOVE version)



As the show ended, the band left the stage and went for a sign session.

A lot of people were already there! Merchandising from CDs to posters by way of goodies and photoset were available, a good way to delight everyone.

Of course, a cheki with the band was also offered. Fans followed one after another while the band was signing all the merch and making a High touch. People were happy and smiling. They had a few words with the band, lending them a lot of support/supporting them a lot. Members of Violet Tree were really touched to be there and to have a chance to see so much support.

When signing session came to an end too, it was time for a photo session! Some fans could appear a little crazy: just think of being/remaining serious next to a girl wearing a whole cosplay of Black Butler’s Grell Stucliff. Others were more serious/careful. But, more importantly, everyone was smiling. Fans were really moved (I stopped counting how many almost forgot their polaroid!).

That marked the end of the meeting with delighted fans and a very happy band!

It wasn’t the end of Violet Tree’s the adventure that since I had a chance to interview them after the event. (Yeah, I’m everywhere, I’m a true warrior!).


I hope you liked this report! Don’t forget to follow the band and support them. And well… Maybe they will come back faster than you think…

Well… I’m just saying…

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Violet Tree

Violet Tree is a band from South Korea formed during autumn 2013 by Jiwon (vocal & guitar) and Seowoo (bass). They first used electronic effects with their DJ and until Hyuna (drums) and Hyunjin (violin) joined them. Their first single “After” was released on March 2014 and it was in Hongdae (Soul) that their career began! They played in many festivals and released on April 2015 the album “Hedonism” as well as their first solo show.

Violet Tree is a unique band on the Korean stage with a rock music mixing soft melodies and electric violins composing their own song and doing unique K-pop covers (such as BTS, infinite, TVXQ, Psy…).

The group has a very promising future in Korea, but also and especially in the rest of the world!


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Reporter : Akashi

Photographer: Asashin

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