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On Sunday, November 25, 2018, the Korean group The Rose went to Paris for their second concert in the French capital.

Krock’s concert was eagerly awaited by fans who could not attend their October 22 performance. The fans also had a great fright because the concert almost did not take place. Indeed, it was to take place at the Palais de Tokyo but due to communication problems between the organizers of the concert and the hall, the proponents decided to cancel the concert on Monday, November 19th. Very quickly, the fans learned that the concert would still take place but in another room: the Bataclan. As there was a change of venue, spectators were asked to buy new seats after the others had been reimbursed.

Two of us went to the concert. As we are big fans, we were very disappointed to learn the cancellation but luckily we managed to get places for the Bataclan. We opted for pit places.

The Show started at 19:00 and finished at 20:30.

We were very well placed because we did not stay in the pit but a higher up at the bar (for those who know a little about the configuration of the room). Thanks to that, we could see the whole scene. The group has played almost all the titles of their albums “Dawn” and “Void”. They are started by Candy where the fanstaff had invented a very simple but very effective choreography. Many viewers had learned it by watching the video tutorial on Youtube and the group appreciated the gesture.

Classics such as “Sorry”, “Baby” or “ILY” are even more enjoyable to listen to live. The voices of the boys are perfect even that of Ha Joon and Jae Hyeong that we are less used to hearing.

The group also took a title from the BigBang group “Bae Bae”, Do Joon’s rap was surprising (he knows how to do everything …). Of course, the voice of Woosung is beautiful, he is able to show very high in the treble and the scuffle of his voice make all his charm.

The group took the time to speak the public in English for the most part even though Jae Hyeong attempted a timid “Thank you”.

The concert was great. The room being quite small, there was a very nice acoustics, which is nice for a rock concert. In addition, it created a somewhat more intimate atmosphere.

The only complaint that can be made is that there was no recall, the concert lasted only an hour and a half, which was short … We would have remained at least half hour, see an hour, or even a day more, see the whole life (especially the whole life) with the group that made us dream, laugh and cry in such a short time.

Thanks to them we have passed on so many emotions and shared their good humor, sensitivity and music.

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Photographer: Akashi

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