Live Report – Scandal @Paris

It was on September 25 that the Japanese rock band Scandal concluded his European tour “Tour Yellow” at the Machine du Moulin Rouge in the 18th arrondissement of Paris and our deferral #Carole were there! Here is her live report!


It’s an intense show the group we were offered almoust 2 hours in a perfect room for this kind of show! The acoustics of this one was totally perfect and the ambience of the room itself was very nice. It’s in this warm and cozy atmosphere in the fans and band have so much fun for the last night of the tour!

VIPs fans entered the room with a small 15 min late but the organization was “on the spot” and all the fans came quickly. At 19h everyone was already inside and some people took advantage of the time that was left to do their emplette to small merchandising stand. At the end of the show, the stocks of bracelets and T-shirt were sold out and the album shortage began to be felt.

The band has chained 20 songs, interrupted the moment of exchange with the public, for all time to catch his breath. The group was really comfortable on stage and each member had their moment of “celebrity” with the play of light. The girls also dazzled us with their knowledge of French: “I am happy to be here, have fun! “Rina told us,” Today is the last show of the tour so have so much fun, “reminded us Haruna.

The final concert was just as fantastic and moving their performance. After a “yet” 3 songs (one instrumental), fans began to share their fanproject. On the end of the last song, which was a ballad, you could see lighters lit here and there. Before the group reparte, the audience began to sing “Happy Birthday” to the group and we offered the flags of the countries they have visited during the tour. Then a hi girls that we pull a tear in the eye by their sincerity and happiness could be read on their faces.

We can summarize this concert by a great performance in a cool and pleasant atmosphere. You could feel the happiness (and sweat), full nose! Scandal has charmed its audience, it probably already is waiting for their future came into the country.

If you want trouvrer photos or fancams the concert to give you a little vein of the atmosphere: feel free to look for using the hashtag #SCEU, the official hashtag of the day, on different social!


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Source : Asian Dreamers

Photos: Nolife

Vidéo : H-K Rec

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