Live Report – Satsuki @Lyon – La Marquise

Satsuki – Epocalipse Tour 2016

Monday, March 16 was the last concert of the tour of Satsuki, Epocalipse in Lyon, on the boat as you begin to know, “La Marquise”. We had the chance to go to this event!

Here is the live report by Maeva and Akashi!

We arrived around 18:00, the Satsuki fanclub was already inside, there were some fans who had VIP seats waiting outside the marquee in order to enter. About 18:30 we can go inside too. Just arrived, we discover Satsuki behind his merch, in discussion with his fans. He goes to the backstage, fans are buying goodies and go in front of the stage. There aren’t a lot of people, but the ambiance was very good!

Around 19:00, the concert begins and the fans are very present! Screaming, singing, encouragement, applauding, all there! Fans are happy, Satsuki as well as the latter admits to having been afraid to play 2 or 3 people only. Between each song, the singer takes the time to chat a bit, it makes us a list of French words he knows, compared with his last tour and then he starts to sing. He is very energic, he moves, he jumps, he goes to the right and left, makes the Head bang and scream with the public and he throws lavish look to his fans.

Before the last two songs of the show, Satsuki sang a cappella. He asked the fans what they want him to sing and of course people wants some Satsuki’s songs and… some French songs, but it was too complicated for him. Finally, after a few words, the show continues and once again, fans were at one with him.

At the end of the show, and as after each of its shows, Satsuki has a selfie with his fans who have approached the scene for the occasion.

After the show, signed session. All the fans come back to the merch, and buy a lot of thing (poster, CD, checky, T-shirt…) Once again, the singer is here and talk a lot with his public who offers to him some gifts.

Finally, an intimism show with a very big and good ambiance! Trust us, the boat was moving a lot!


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Satsuki is an accomplished artist with many talents. Musician, singer, composer, painter, actor, are among other hidden facets or not this young Japanese artist. He began his career in 2001 with the band “Drive home Self”, the success of this group will end their separation in 2008 but Satsuki decided in 2009 to return with his solo project named then “Aurora Feather”, showing its fans that he’s back.

Satsuki :

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