Live Report Ravi @Paris

Ravi in Paris, like a dream comes true

Paris, 2018.11.10


As a big fan of VIXX having the opportunity to see and meet Ravi was really a dream. Despite the fact that I was found on stage to explain how to proceed to the people (I assure you that I didn’t understand what was happening.) One shot, I wail to explain, the second after I’m in front of the crowd, a microphone in hand!) This concert was at the top!



I will pass you the details of my arrival and organization time to get to the topic that interests us all.



First of all, meetings. It’s a nice little moment even if it’s really in the chain. We spent barely 1 minute in the same room as him and I told him a little word back at the same time because he. I didn’t care outside. But it was nice!


VVIPs begin followed by VIPs. Once the other people enter the room and finally the concert starts fast enough. Do not ask me the time, I really do not know!




Ravi goes on stage under the screams and applause. On his first three songs, Ravi is very calm, almost closed. Sunglasses, well dressed, good special atmosphere reigns.

Then finally things go crazy and it’s crazy! Ravi chaines the songs with an overflowing energy, pumping in passing that of the public!

Quickly joined by Coldbay, a rapper with whom he rap duet on Pavlov’s Dog. The duo chained and unleashes the crowds! Ravi has fun throwing water on his fans (the first wave I didn’t expect. My glasses were full of gout!)

It’s an atmosphere of madness, Coldbay plays a lot with the audience, maybe even more than Ravi and when the two get started …. I have no more words!

Ravi ends up disappearing while Coldbay sing us his songs and then leave the stage.


Ravi comes back, with new clothes.


The music succeed each other, the audience is exploding and Ravi seems happy to be among us! He dances, sings, raps, plays with the public and … He even goes so far as to cut the music by noting that someone in the audience feels bad. Yes, uncertain at first, however, he finally stopped singing, asked that the sound be cut and wait until the person is evacuated to resume. Lots of thanks resound in the room and the concert resumes its course with as much energy.

Personally, the song I prefer was Bomb and Alcohol. They’re my favourites, so hear them on stage was very awesome!


Anyway, after « encore » the show is over and it’s with stars in eyes and a very good tired that fans leave de live house. For this last show of Tour, I’m sure Ravi appreciate all his fans and their encouragement.



Mais bref, le concert se termine après les rappels et c’est avec des étoiles plein les yeux, et une fatigue très réjouissante que les fans quittent la salle de concert. Pour ce dernier show de tournée, je suis persuadée que Ravi a apprécié la présence de ses fans et leurs encouragements !



Reporter’s word


I will not lie to you, I ask for impression to write this live report. You’re may be going to think that I’m crazy, but I can feel others feelings and emotions. And Ravi’s feels were so strong that I feel bad after seeing him! When I was with him and the VVIP, I was just… I don’t know how to say. He was tired but there was something else. Everyone say He was at 200% on stage, but I’m not agree. I wasn’t totally here. Even if I was really, really happy to see him, I wasn’t totally in the show too, because of him.


Well, it’s only what I feel and I’m really happy that everyone spent a good time! I just want to share you my real feeling about this show. Ravi was amazing, but there is a “but”…

So, here is videos I take. Sorry for move!

All photos and videos were taken with my phone! Sorry for quality.


See you soon!


Find all the photos HERE



Reporter & Photographe : Akashi – AA Experience

Photographer: AA Experience [Facebook] – [Instagram] – Youtube

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