Live Report – JAMBINAI @Munich – Peace&Noise Festival

One of our members to have the opportunity to see the show of JAMBINAI in Munich on July 22, 2016!

Here is the live report of #Jéhanne

It’s in a secret-place-like venue that took place the second edition of Munich’s Peace&Noise Festival on July 22nd. There was playing Jambinai, a Korean post-rock band mixing traditional instruments of their country with metal sounds. The result is simply breathtaking, and they prove it even more on stage.

While the band starts with the sound check, the audience starts to gather up, attracted by the atypical sounds of the instruments. Still, we’re in a small group, about sixty people maybe, [because of what happened in the center of the city a few hours before the show on that day. There were no more public transport and of course the ambiance was very tense. Finally, the concert starts with the song Deus Benedicat Tibi, announcing right away that Jambinai is not a band like the others. Sitting on the ground, leaning against a wall or at the bar, everyone is carried away by Jambinai’s one of a kind sound, almost as much as the band itself. Indeed, the 3 artists, along with their 2 support members for drums and bass, seem to be possessed by their music. They live it with their whole body, they sweat it, breathe it, so that Ilwoo (guitar, piri & taepyeongso) almost fell from his stool a few times. The tracks go on, creating a more and more special atmosphere. Bodies are swinging to the music’s rhythm, and some shy headbangs appear on the more metal songs. Even with the almost total absence of lyrics, the feelings delivered are simply amazing.

But after a small amount of tracks, the show comes (too quickly) to an end. The band is thanked by a very long ovation. The members bow to us and leave the stage.


Jambinai is like an ovni. A musical style that cannot fit in any simple box. It’s really special, maybe you’ll like some tracks less than the others, maybe you won’t like their music at all, but they won’t leave you indifferent. Their European tour is still going on, check the dates below and don’t miss an occasion to see them if you can!

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Setlist :

1.Deus Benedicat Tibi
3.Echo Of Creation
4.Time Of Extinction
5.For everything that you lost
6.They keep silence


When the traditional ombines with rock sounds, it gives Jambinai.The Korean music scene have a lot of small unsuspected treasures, including the mixed trio Jambinai.
Their formation date is unknow, but their activites start in 2010, with the release of their first EP. The three members of Jambinai are from the same junior high school education with the teaching of traditional instruments. With the desire to create their own musical genre, Jambinai released his first album in early 2012.

Source présentation : nautiljon.


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