Live Report GLAMS – Japan Touch @Lyon

GLAMS’s concert. at the Japan Touch was one of the highlights of Saturday’s day.


Who is GLAMS?

Mikaru is a Japanese singer and songwriter, known for having been the leader and singer of the DIO band – Distraught Overlord and Black Line. since 2013, he has begun a new adventure with G.L.A.M.S.
Mikaru, along with Syu, Yudai and Tetsuto, shook the stage of the Japan Touch!




The Show!

The 4 members wore for the occasion a rather casual look (because of Mikaru’s lost suitcase). They climbed one after the other on stage with Mikaru (vocals) going on stage last and warming the audience at the microphone before starting the concert. During the concert, he also took the floor saying the group was delighted to be back in Lyon.

A delirious crowd, screams, guitars resonating in the speakers and in all the space … What an explosion of sensation!

The band was able to play 10 songs, most of them from their new album. For instance, it was the first time that their new songs “The Beginning of the End“, “Dragonfly & RosyLife” and “Man in Underworld” could be heard on stage, the latter being different from what they usually do, with very jazzy notes. Mikaru has also introduced it to the public as “a very special song”.

After that, the band and the audience could snap their fingers in rhythm on the beginning of the song.

At around the middle of the concert, Mikaru introduced the band members one by one. Syu on the drums, Yudai on guitar and Tetsuto on bass. Everyone then took the time to play a small solo for the occasion.

The audience was very responsive and did not hesitate to follow Mikaru’s instructions when he asked them to sing in unison (“Hey everybody, oh come together”) or to move with him (jump from the left to the right (of the scene), then from right to left …).

At the end of the show, the public had the right to see the traditional pick throw (of Tetsuto) and chopsticks throw (of Syu) which have made some happy fans who then went to meet the group and had them sign their precious album. This signing session also went very well: loads of fans came to buy albums, posters and other photosets/there were a lot of fans who came to buy albums, posters and other photosets!

After this crazy concert, it was with great pleasure that we were able to interview the band thanks to AA experience (I know, I’m AA experience, so it’s easier…)! You can check this out!




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Reporter: Ayumi
Photographer: AA Experience [Facebook] – [Instagram] – Youtube

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