Live Report – Galmet @Lyon – Japan Touch Haru

As you know, the Japanese metal group Galmet was in Japan Haru Touch – Touch Geek Lyon the 2016, April 9th and were able to attend their concert! Here is our live report of this eventful concert!

The first time I heard Galmet on youtube, I thought that there were too scream, so I was a little wary of the concert and I was afraid not to love … But finally, it was the opposite happened! Like many group and live CD is not the same thing!

On stage, the girls alternate between almost cute song and scream crazy! good sound metalheads are echoes of their voices and they move constantly. see on stage is exhausting and the public, the answer to their energy! Jumping, moving, and makes the pogo and or headbangs! What to say … The atmosphere was at the rendezvous, many people did not know and left more than pleased!


After the show, it was the signing session; the merch of the girls was bough very fast! Its had nothing left them!

Anyway, they are very attentive and available for the fans. Ultra-smiling and “kawaii” despite their metallic music!


A group that I advise you to find out if you don’t know yet!


The Metter’s Anthem
2. Fangs of Slaves
3. ?
4. Walk One’s Way
5. Promised Dawn
6. What’s Mine
7. Rebirth
8. 記憶喪失 (New Version) – (Amnesia in English)
9. Sound Of Your Life

If you were not present at the Japan Touch Haru, here is the full video of their show!


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