Live Report BTS @Paris

BTS in Paris


Before the show:

We retrieved our numbers at 6:30 and we were able to access the room at 2:30 pm to attend the soundchecks. The wait was long but it was quite pleasant and good child.

Soundchecks :

The BTS have performed 3 songs. Aside from the atmosphere (some fans have pushed a lot, jostled …), it was really nice to see them before the show without makeup and dressed as you can get dressed in everyday life. They took the time to talk to us a little. After that remains short about 15 minutes and very framed. In addition, the boys seemed a little tired, it’s normal, it was their last concert.

After the Soundcheck, I remained quite doubtful. I was afraid that the jostling and other chained like that during the 3 hours… while I thought maybe naively escape by being a VIP. Especially since there was plenty of room in the area reserved for us. Wherever we were, we can see very well.

Waiting for the concert, we stayed in the room in our place more than 3 hours. It was long! But we held. Guys and girls took the opportunity to “steal” the place of some other… We saw a lot of people pass us quietly … That’s when we made a big decision: we don’t care if some of us exceed and prefer to pile everything in front of the barriers, we will stay in the back and we will have plenty of room to dance!

When the concert started, we were not jostled because all the people wishing to be ahead of us had already passed.

Le show:

The concert was beautiful. Staging, choreography, inter-scenes. Everything was very well thought out and up to my expectations even beyond. There was an atmosphere of madness! And the rhythm never went down again! The artists give themselves thoroughly to the end as well in dance as in singing.

We were really very well placed (third row on the side of the stage) thanks to that we could enjoy each dance. The boys were really close and they took the time to come and have fun with us.

The concert lasted almost 3 hours since it started at 19:00 and ended at 21:45 approximately. At the end, I was really tired but very happy to have attended.

The BTS started with IDOL. They interpreted all the titles of the albums “TEAR” and “ANSWERS”.

For the individual titles, they were in pairs and each pair was announced by a short video. In order, Jungkook and J-Hope sang first, then RM, Jimin and Suga performed second and then Jin and V finished. They also played “classics” from their repertoire like Save me, DNA, Run and Fire.

The concert ended with the song Love myself: a perfect title to finish this concert and conclude the concept of Love Yourself.




My impressions:

Let’s start with the negative:

I will say the disrespect of some people (fortunately a minority of the public present). A disrespect towards the other fans but also towards the artists.

Indeed, many people seek to be closer to the scene without taking into account others and without respecting the order of arrival. There are people numbered in the 200 who passed us in front and who even passed in front of people numbered in the first 20. I find it disrespectful, especially VIP because even if you find yourself in the back you’re still really well placed. A friend in a normal pit told us that it was almost unbearable and that it has in a way spoiled the concert she had been waiting for a very long time.

In addition, I saw people in front of me spent the entire concert to film. I find that moving for other fans who are suddenly embarrassed by the light phones but also and especially for artists … They give everything for us and we spend an unforgettable time and they have the right to phones at the place beautiful smiles, it’s a pity see afflicting … especially that these people had the chance to be in the forefront. They could have crossed their eyes and I think it’s a much better memory than a poor video …

It ends with the positive that clears all the time waiting endless and small inconveniences of the day … I really had a great time. BTS sing and dance live. They laugh and take time for the audience.

I was really moved by the voice of Jin who is just beautiful, he chained Epiphany where he climbs very high and holds very long notes and The Truth Untold with ease … bah me it left me speechless … but not him … J-Hope and V have a crazy charisma and an impressive joy of living. It’s the ones who talk the most and play the most with the audience. J-Hope is a sun, that’s it. I loved to hear RM and Suga rapping live, it’s even better than the recordings!!! In addition, we had the right to the live announcement of the mixtape Namjoon who was really too happy and who hoped not to disappoint us (he succeeded, I was not disappointed.). And Jimin and Jungkook, well … they are beautiful …

I know it must have been difficult for them because it was their last European date, Jungkook was still injured and yet they gave it their all. We can really feel the strong bond that unites them and their willingness to do well and it’s really moving.

I came out of the Hall of Stars in the eyes, a little like when you leave the cinema after a good movie and can’t help but rethink and we are afraid to forget the essential moments.

I do not regret having taken my places in VIP and I recommend everyone to attend their concert one day! The BTS thanks to Love Yourself gave the strength to many to love and accept each other as they are. Self-love is the first step towards happiness, it allows you to love others better and to be better loved by others.


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