Asian Dreamers invites Asian Music & Culture in France.

The Asian Dreamers Association is a non-profit organization (law 1901) created on January, 13th, 2015. The association has members of all age and all over France. This dispersion implies for the association, a different organization, more complex than a territorial organization based on a single city, department or area. But also allows to be represented at the events related to Asian Culture organized in France, Belgium or Switzerland.

With Bulle d’Asie, Asian Dreamers progressed  in sharing this universe that passionate it!



Asian Dreamers wants to promote Asian Music in France through various musical events. The association aims to present projects, artists and groups that will appeal to a lot of people all over France.

Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal of Asian Dreamers is the organisation of an annual Asian Music Festival. This festival project seeks to bring together all types of music from various Asian countries : Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, etc… Indeed, many artists and groups don’t do world tour and remain focused on Asia. Being not famous enough or not having enough contact with Europe to implant themselves there, they are absent from European stages. Asian Dreamers, determined to propose some solutions, was born to fix that.

Creation of Asian Dreamers

In July 2014, a survey was launched on social networks: more than 1,000 people aswered. This survey was created to have some opinions on the creation of an Asian Music Festival. The results were very positive.

This non-exhaustive survey targeted an audience, an age group, various types of music and a large number of group names or solo artists that French fans would like to see.

Finally, a few month later, Asian Dreamers was born. After some changes, an office composed of a cohesive, united and dynamic team was created and made a great step forward…

The Media

Through its website, Asian Dreamers is also music news. It’s ensures prowimity with the press and the community and allows more activity such as interviews, video, or basic news on event annoucements or album releases.


Asian Dreamers
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A propos


You find all of our address on the contact page.

If you want to creat a partnership, contact us here : communication@asiandreamers.org

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