Fanmeting #1 Asian Dreamers @Lyon – 17/07/2016

FanMeeting #1 Asian Dreamers


On Sunday, July 17, 2016 was held the first Fan Meeting of the Association Asian Dreamers in Lyon. A small room in the third district, something to eat, bubble tea and animations have attracted more than thirty people. A successful first event in summer where laughing, cheerful, discovery and animations were at the rendezvous. Blind test, It’s a trap, dance show, and Random Dance Play make the people happy.

For food, Member of our team have prepared us some great kimbap and onigiri. For the more traditional, pizza and for fans, a lot of candy or chips from Asia.

Our partner13698145_1029267723787697_1586533067683085243_o Hones’Tea was there to make people happy and refresh our guests with excellent Bubble Tea and XOXO Gâto Déco showed us her cupcakes and other specialty!

The Amaitsuki and JoungYoung RinD were here for a dance show, the Welded Girls show us their passion during the Random dance Play and the NKCrew show us their talent !

A first event in a small community, convivial whose second edition is already expected!


Vidéo Soon!

Blind Test Setlist

Blind Test 1

T.M. Revolution – Count ZERO
One Ok Rock – Memories
Day of Tomorrow – Starry Heavens (Bande Annonce Tales of Symphonia)
AMBER – Borders
Bleach Opening 3
Block B – Freeze
BTS – Save Me
Dragon Ball Z Opening
Girls Day – Expect (Expectation)
FullMetal Alchemist – Undo
GOT7 – If You Do
Kuroko no Basket – Opening
LOKA – From Yesterday
Mamamoo – You’re the best
Re-Hamatora Opening
Super Junior – Superman
Sword Art Online II Opening (Ignite)
Taeyang – Eyes, Nose, Lips
UP10TION – So dangerous
BTS – We are Bulletproof
Frozen – Let it go Japonais

Blind Test 2

1. Matryoshka
Anna Tsushiya – Rose (Nana Opening)
Block B – Very Good
Exo – Call me baby
One Ok Rock – Tame me to the top
Tokyo Ghoul Opening (Unravel)
4MINUTE – Crazy
Gackt – Vanilla
Versailles – Philia
Linked Horizon – Guren No Yumiya (SnK opening)
B.A.P – One Shot
BEAST -Mystery
Bleach Opening 7
BTS – Danger
Death Note Opening
FullMetal Alchemist – Ready Steady
Trouble Maker (JS&Hyuna) – Trouble Maker
Kamijo – Moulin Rouge
Sakura Card Captors Opening (Catch me catch me)
The GazettE – Undying
Psy Gangnam Style

It’s a Trap Setlist

  • Kisuke no Yuujin KokoronashiF
  • AmatsukiOjama MushiH
  • ChaririLost One WeepingF
  • ZeroAsu no yozora ShokaihanH
  • KogarashiMatryoshkaF
  • EhmzPeriodH
  • Kenshi Yonezu – Mad head loveH
  • 96NekoDF
  • RioLeiaH
  • KyounosukeBad Apple H

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XOXO Gato DecoXayxay Pâtisseries et Décoration
JoungYoung RinD
Welded Girls

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