ARAYA Interview

Today, we’re going to talk about a “femme fatale”! ARAYA!

Japanese pop-rock solo artist, ARAYA is a woman playing on her powerful voice and at the same time her physic both fragile and sexy. She takes it to provide strong messages in her songs, like violence towards women in “chu” and rape in “Sakura Violet”.

Always very aesthetic, her MV takes us in her world and good news! Indeed, ARAYA plans a new single called “[Re:START]” for Spring 2016. Here a preview of what we’re going to have.


Don’t hesitate to follow her on her social networks (Twitter, Instagram, facebook and Youtube), ARAYA is really close of her audience and reply when she have time!

I don’t know for you but, I AM LOOKING FORWARD!

But before that, why don’t you try to know more about her? YES! Asian Dreamers had the chance to interview the pretty ARAYA! Be curious and learn more about her if it’s not already the case!





1- First, thank you for answering my questions, how are you?

A. Oui! Im fine,thank you! Im continuing music life for some reasons,one of them is for Shota.

2- What made you want to become musician? What are your sources of inspiration and motivation?

A. I`d been bullied when I was a child,and estranged from my family. To sing a song was only my friend and it helped me at all. So I thought that “I wanna help someone who has the same situation like me!”

3- Which subjects/topics did you choose to talk about through your lyrics?

A. My concept has been a radical diva,In these days I try to explain letting you know about the real things without hiding.

4-  Many people likes arts but keep it as a hobby, but what made you interested in music at the point that you decided to make it your job ?

A. Yow know you only live once. I wanna live without regret,and my life is equal to music. I can talk with many people through my music even if our language is different. I wanna be something for someone.

5- Can you talk about your new album? Why did you choose the name “Re:born”

A. I thought about my project that had been without producer Shota. I was suffering,but I decided to have a new start with his will for him and his fans. That`s how Re:START was born.

6- Is there a song that you would like to specially introduce to the French audience?

A. My new CD has a song named SORA. I wrote lyric dedicating for Shota.

7- Can you talk about your future project?

A. I will do the live show,world tour in Japan,Europe. And USA for Shota`s dream. I wanna feel many contries through my own eyes,sing to and communicate with people who lives in overseas for world peace.

8- Is there any country in particular that you would like to visit?

A. Well…I wanna go to all countries where I`ve never been to. Egypt(pyramid),Maldives,Switzerland,Hawaii…too many lol

9- Thank you very much for answering all this questions. I hope to see you in France soon!’

A. Thank you for your interview! I do look forward to seeing you again! I`m planning to go and do the live show in Europe in May!

J’espère que tu irais bien!


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