Live Report – Scandal @Marseille

Hello my Bamboo!

A Panda report !! And yes, I will talk about the concert Scandal that took place in Marseille on 20 September. In Le Poste à Galène !!

Let’s start with exterior!

The line is formed in a narrow street and is well organized . People are calm even if we can feel a certain impatience!

There was a slight delay of about twenty minutes to the VIP entrance but nothing serious. The VIP entrance is the classic and 19h entry. I actually felt like to see more VIP enter as regular, but this may be an impression.

What about the room?

It is not very big, but not too small either! It was perfect for an intimate atmosphere for this concert. You could see the shop at the back of the room with the usual merch, CD, bag, poster, card, bracelet! The staff was extremely friendly despite the pressure they had to suffer (I guess).

Between 19h and 20h.

The wait is a little long, it is the only negative I have to say, but some are slow to arrive, it is normal! That’ll teach me to be early! x)

20h !!

15 min before we redo the sound tests, we feel that it will not be long and people are in the mood !! We can see the yellow everywhere, scarf, t-shirt, posters, fans were determined to show their joy at seeing the group!

The goddesses arrive and take their first notes!
The public is a little slow to respond to the majority, the top ranks them are thoroughly!

The concert begins!

They sing, play with the public, exchange glances and smiles! It actually feels their joy of being on this stage.

Our beloved drummer, enjoys an MC to talk to us in French, she says she learns the language of Molière in order to talk more with the French public! And of course, the public declarations of love are not made to wait! And this is not to displease them!


Datte atama wa love machine, Kyou mishinshin love na shiin
Aishiteru wa…

They energetically follow with « Morning Sun » to share a little tenderness with everyone!

A really refreshing concert

Just like their outfit!

No rhinestones or sequins! A t-shirt, jeans and sneakers! Not need makeup to captivate his audience of sincerity on stage! it makes a world of good!

Not a false note voice level, not a false note in the bass or guitar, really, this quartet has no limit!


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A rare “Encore” not interrupted!

The public demand for more! They do not want to stop there!

And continues with « Shojo S » to leave on «Scandal Baby » !

This concert was really great, I advise you to go to their next tour, these girls really deserve more attention from the French public !!

And a big congratulations to the technical team that has done wonders level sound and light! Not an ounce of saturation, no feedback! The sound was as clear as that of a CD! Good job guys !!



In short !! Great Scandal !!

If I could go back, I would do it immediately! I spent a super nice evening with good music and a very friendly team!

Links for more informations! =D


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Source : Asian Dreamers

Photos: Marie Adam

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